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School exhibitions at Waikato Museum

The Upper Gallery showcases the work of talented Waikato people of all ages from our community.

If you are a teacher, leader of a youth group or an art tutor for children or young adults and working on an amazing project, we are considering exhibitions for 2017/2018 now.

To help with your application:

  • Visit Waikato Museum and have a look at the space.
  • Our basic requirements are 30 images of A4/A3 size - but anything goes, even performance, as long as you keep in mind the Upper Gallery is an exhibition space that needs visuals to present your project after the initial performance. Documentation, planning, images, video or three-dimensional works are all options.
  • Your proposal must describe your group and your project (two pages maximum).

For more information please contact:

Stephen Pennruscoe
Phone 07 838 6546