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Three Flower Necklace

Frances Hanson

Beautiful necklace with three plastic flowers. 450mm long.


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About the Artist - Frances Hanson

Hanson takes great pride in her works, each piece is created individually to become a truly unique artwork. When casting, Hanson follows the ancient technique of lost wax. From a sculpture designed in clay or wax, a mould is made. After melting the wax out of the mould, the form is put into a kiln where the final material (glass or metal) is melted into the hollow mould. In the case of her glass works, the mould is then annealed over a number of days. When the kiln is cold the mould is removed and the outside shell carefully broken away to reveal the molten sculpture. From here the long finishing process begins; cleaning, sanding and polishing.

Simplicity is at the forefront of Hanson’s design process, with the artist favouring universal shapes such as the disc, teardrop and oval. Subject Matter for her pieces comes from New Zealand flora and fauna, cycles and seasons.



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