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Candle Holder (Medium)

Sylvia Sinel

A unique ceramic candle stick holder with rough and uneven textures.

Height: 20cm. Diameter: 10cm. 








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About the Artist - Sylvia Sinel

Sylvia Sinel is originally from Sweden and now she is living in Hamilton. She is a mixed media artist who has experimented with a variety of mediums and techniques over the years.

Her new series of ceramics is named

“My Messengers”

“They are the result of experimenting with the idea Contrast and Union. Life is all about contrasts, night & day, man & woman, life & death…The contrasts depend on each other and can’t exist without the other. The contrasts cause a lot of tension and collision but wonders happen in a union between the both.

“My Runestones is the result from exploring my Viking heritage. The inscription says “I’m following the stars in the sky. They guide me on my journey.” I’m a traveller like my ancestors the Vikings and all of us are travellers.

Light a candle and put it to your runestone, have a quiet moment. Where to from here?” 



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