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Cosy Tea - Cast glass and pate de verse

Heather Olesen

“High tea” illusion interpreted through the colourful unique elegance of the traditional knitted tea cosy. The glass sculpture combines the processes of cast glass and pate de verse.

Dimensions 180mm(H)X100mm(D)X150mm(W).

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About the Artist - Heather Olesen

I began my creative journey through various mediums including, linen, pottery, leatherwork and metals.  It was the sensual and luscious beauty of glass, which truly captured my passion for working with such a challenging medium.  

I have enjoyed working with glass for over 7 years, leadlighting, glass inlay designs, fusing, casting, coldworking, sandblasting & polishing.  My passion in this medium is not only with the optical properties of glass inviting viewers to the internal volume of the pieces, but the textures and designs that can also be created for illusions.  It has limitless potential opening up for me an endless journey of designing and learning.

My designs are regularly inspired by man-made textures and nature, which often have a spiritual essence or meaning captured within. Each piece created is individual and unique. I also include copper and other metals in my designs to accentuate that opposites can be compatible and live in harmony.  Combined together, this creates a whole new beauty and something to be valued, cherished and respected.



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