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Land of the Creator

Jewel Lynam

25 January 2019 - 25 February 2019

Jewel's acrylic paintings convey freedom of thought and expression in articulate visual terms. Strong colour and lines are offset by soft subtle shadings, often showing symbols, figures and faces disguised within the paintings. This forces the viewer to examine them at varying distances or angles.

‘Normally I do not see the outline of the images until I am somewhat through the process of the painting. Even months afterwards, an image will often jump out, adding that extra dimension to the work. Because I generally paint without any preconceived idea in mind, the finished paintings are different in subject matter. The creative imagination is embraced in those moments and is energetically passed onto the viewer. My work is “numinous symbolic” which is characteristic of the mystical affects her paintings express.

‘I want my work to invoke a curiosity that extends beyond the eye alone.’

Jewel began her career in France and lived in the United States for many years as an artist. Besides showing her work in many galleries, Jewel also had a painting accepted and hung at the Salon d’Automne’s prestigious art exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris. Recently she was profiled in the Museum Contemporary Artists Showcase book published by Masters of Today.

Jewel lived in Hamilton for many years. After returning home from the USA in 2010, she now resides in Thames.

Image: Migration, Jewel Lynam



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