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Son of a Savage

Iata Peautolu

21 December 2018 - 21 January 2019

Iata’s artwork explores and revisits his cultural heritage and upbringing. There are elements of Maaori and Niuean imagery and at times there is an integration of both which is a true representation of his identity.

The Pacific islands are havens of paradise but there is also a savage and barbaric history. 'Colonisation has stained our cultural threads but we strive to uphold our uniqueness in this ever-changing world. Tātatau and taa moko are the etchings of a noble race, the markings of identity and the green lines that unite beauty and savagery.’

References to plants, star formations, ocean currents, birds, landmarks and ancestors, all of which are familiar surroundings of the Polynesian trying to navigate through life. The colour palette in most of his artwork is basic and emphasises the characteristics of strength, humility and respect that are prevalent in the Polynesian culture.

Image: Tama Tū Tama Ora,  Iata Peautolu



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