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Colour Speaks All Languages

Waikato Society of Arts Members

13 October 2017 - 13 November 2017

Free entry

The WSA members show is an annual event. It gives member artists, tutors and professionals the opportunity to put their own style, personality and message into their art for all to see.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the public to see a broad variety of stunning works that are produced by WSA members.

"Each year members from the WSA enter into a selected exhibition at ArtsPost to show their families, friends and community just what they have been doing in classes and their own studios. Choosing this year’s theme of COLOUR means there are no restrictions on subject matter, style, materials or genre.  Colour has huge symbolic meaning, different in every country and culture and closely connected to feelings, moods and emotions.  The awareness of the power of colour – and its conscious use – has been around for some time, however, it wasn’t until the end of the 19thc that artists sought to exploit the emotion-provoking qualities of colour.

Impressionist artists such as Paula Moderson-Becker and Claude Monet deliberately heightened their colours to emphasise the emotional content in their paintings but perhaps Vincent van Gogh is the better known because he was obsessed with symbolic and expressive values of colour, related to his tormented life. By the 1950s Abstract Expressionism was at its height with artists such as de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler and Jackson Pollock working with colour to express pure emotion.  The contemporary scene has continued this legacy.

The WSA of course have their own ‘colour’ heroes, some of who will be showing in this exhibition and who have been pivotal to the development of art in the Waikato.  This year’s exhibition shows the development of personal ideas, more confidence in making and a commitment to showing as part of a diverse group.

I thank each and everyone of you." - Dr Carole Shepheard (President).


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Image: Autumn, Val Enger. 



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