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Sacred Vessels – Back to the Future

Ana Couper

6 April 2018 - 7 May 2018

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Ana shares a rich and varied multicultural DNA heritage to both Celtic and Viking culture. In this exhibition, she explores the links between sacred vessels (pottery) and artistic symbolism.

Celtic and Viking communities have long been known as cultures that embraced nature's connection to spirit gods. Each of these vessels has been subjected to fire and is made of the earth (clay). They have been inscribed with ancient symbols, reflecting the connectedness that humans once shared with the Earth.

For the past few thousand years, humans have been disconnected with these time-honoured traditions that were once the central ideology of the human mind.

'Science has reconnected me with my ancient DNA.'

After taking a DNA test, Ana researched symbolism and ideas around ancient DNA roots that connected with migration from the Middle East throughout Europe. Along the way, she discovered new science, that now proves that DNA can carry ideas, thoughts, places and people that actually existed. This linked with the realisation of why we like certain cultures and identify ourselves with different places and different eras. These reflections are now known as DNA connectors.

The vessels are sacred because they encapsulate these new scientific ideas around connectivity to the past, the present and the future. We now know that our ancestors truly do live inside us and connect us to the past in a way that we couldn’t understand before. They are, in fact, alive in us, and in everything we do.

These vessels give homage to my ancestors, their lives, their cultures, their places and their journeys. They represent the resurrection of my ancestors, an unravelling of the mystification of the human journey, and a reconnection to the true identity of the human soul. 

Ana Couper. BA. PgDip. (MA) Otago:

A research-based artist focused on history and ancient culture. Educated in several arts, including: philosophy (Middle Eastern and Western), religion (Asian, Middle Eastern, and South East Asian), law (international), anthropology (ancient and religious rituals), peace and conflict studies (war and intervention); an antiquities and artifacts collector; curator, author and editor; recipient of two Fulbright awards and a Prime Minister's award for International Trade from Waikato University; a full-time potter since 2014 and a mother of twins.


Image: Life after Death, (The Tree Stump), Ana Couper, 2017.



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