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The Mirror

The Ceramic Collective

6 April 2018 - 7 May 2018

Free entry

The authentic self, is the soul made visible through the mirror of expression; it is the adornment of both our surroundings and our bodies.

The Ceramic Collective is a group of emerging Waikato ceramic artists using contemporary ceramic practice incorporating clay as the principal medium for self-expression.

The exhibition is about exploring one’s inner beauty, embracing and expressing one’s unique personality traits. It serves to show how individual life experiences and innermost desires both mirror, and shape one's creative works.

It is recognising that our flaws, as well as our triumphs, are integral threads in achieving self-love and acceptance. Therefore, it is through this process of loving oneself unconditionally with all of our ‘cracks’, that we are then free and able to create works that are authentic.  

Our collaboration serves to showcase works which reflect the artists’ true individual personalities, each speaking to viewers as they connect with different pieces within the exhibition… ‘mirroring’ the unique elements of the artist’s heart for that piece.


The Ceramic Collective Artists:

Liesl Friend

Amy Jansen-Leen

Melanie Freeman

Jess Allen-Briggs

Alex Wilkinson


Image: The Little Frida, Liesl Friend



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Closed Christmas Day

120 Victoria St
New Zealand
Ph +64 7 838 6928